Fee Schedule

Owners select the base fee for their reservation (the “Base Fee”). When Guests make a Reservation with XtraSpots, a portion of the fee assessed will be payable to Xtraspots for its Marketing Services (the “Service Fee”), any applicable sales taxes, and to reimburse the fees paid by Xtraspots to its service providers, such as its payment processors (the “Processing Fee”) (together, the Base Fee, Service Fee, any sales taxes, and the Processing Fee comprise the “Total Fee”).

Figure 1

By way of example, if an Owner lists their space for a Base Fee of $10, and the space is locatedin New York, the Total Fee would be calculated as follows:

Figure 2

In the example in Figure 2,  of the $10.88 total fee paid by the Guest, $.88 is remitted to the taxing authority, $.62 is remitted or retained to/by the payment processor, $1.88 is remitted by the processor to us, and $7.50 is paid to the Owner.  1 All defined terms contained herein have the definition(s) ascribed to them in our Terms and Conditions, available