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To start earning income, download the Xtraspots app. Log in & publish your parking spot listing for free - enter basic info, availability, hourly price, a clear photo and we'll take it from there!!!!

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To ensure an excellent parking experience, we authenticate each parking spot. Spot authentication takes up to 5 days. You'll be emailed upon confirmation, and we may contact you during the process.

Get Paid

Xtraspots oversees reservation quality; no action needed from you. Once your spot parking begins, we securely transfer payment to your bank account. It's as simple as that!!

Improve your Community

Renting your personal parking spot saves drivers time, improves traffic patterns, and reduces emissions. Plus, you can earn extra income! It's a win-win solution.

Why Join Xtraspots as a Host

Simplicity Matters

Xtraspots guarantees the quality of driver reservations, no additional action is needed from you. Monitor activity as much or as little as you want.

Zero Maintenance Fee

Unlike other rental applications, there are no maintenance or monthly fees to use the Xtraspots service. Start earning income today!

No Interaction

You will not physically interact with drivers and can modify or cancel parking availability or reservations up to 90 minutes before a reservation begins.

Host Testimonial

As a Bronx resident, I can offer support in my community where parking is scarce. Renting my spot not only brings convenience and reduces emissions but also gives me fantastic financial benefits!
Johnathan B
Spot on Light st. Bronx NY

Need Help?

Require assistance in creating a spot? We're here to help.

Explore our Help FAQ for guidance on becoming a Host. For any inquiries, our exceptional customer support team is ready to assist you.

How will I get paid?
We will send the payout directly to your bank on file. You will need to enter your bank account information into the "Payout" section in the application under the "Rent My Spot" section. Payouts are sent on the selected payment day.
My driveway can park multiple cars.  Can I rent more than one spot?
Absolutely! You can rent multiple parking spots in your driveway using the 'create spot' system. Simply click on the '+' symbol next to the spot number to add additional spots. It is crucial to ensure that each parking spot allows for easy entry and exit without requiring the movement of other cars.
How is my privacy protected?
Your personal information is safeguarded. Reservation holders (drivers) will only view your exact address, while general users will see a rough address. Review our complete privacy policy here.
How much can I earn?
Your earnings will vary based on the price you set, your location, and the demand. We recommend keeping your rate competitive in your local market to maximize earnings.
Can I cancel the driver’s reservation?
Absolutely, you have the flexibility to cancel a reservation up to 90 minutes before the scheduled parking time. We kindly request that you use this option sparingly, as frequent cancellations may have a negative impact on the overall experience for both you and our shared customers. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Warm regards.