Help with Parking

How does the application work

  • The Xtraspots app offers two main functionalities. Firstly, you can become a host by renting out your driveway or parking spots. Alternatively, as a user, you can conveniently search for and reserve your exclusive parking spot in advance using the app. Better yet, you have the option to both host and reserve parking spots, providing a versatile experience tailored to your needs.

Report a Safety Issue

My driver  was unsafe
  • We hope every time you rent your spot, using the app, is safe and comfortable. If you didn't feel your driver was safe parking in this spot, let us know why below. We'll be in touch to help. Email issue to or click on contact us.
I was discriminated against by my Driver
  • We are sorry to hear about this. We take allegations of discrimination seriously.  Please share details of what happened.  Make sure to include the details of the reservation.
The car did not match the profile in the app
  • For every parking trip, your Xtraspots app helps you recognize the car parking in your lot/spot. After the parking request is accepted, your app displays the information of your driver.
  • If the driver or car was not who you were expecting, please let us know by emailing or contact us.
Safety Incident Reporting Line
  • If you require immediate police or medical attention, please call 911. Once all parties are out of harm's way and the necessary authorities have been contacted, please click on the link below to speak with an Xtraspots representative.
  • Contact Xtraspots Safety Incident Reporting Line. Please note that this line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance.

Host Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel a reservation
  • Absolutely, you have the flexibility to cancel a reservation up to 90 minutes before the scheduled parking time. We kindly request that you use this option sparingly, as frequent cancellations may have a negative impact on the overall experience for both you and our shared customers. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Warm regards.