Xtraspots Innovates Urban Parking: Bootstrapped Startup Launches Proprietary App to Empower Property Owners and Simplify Parking in Congested Areas

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NEW YORK, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Xtraspots, an innovative parking solution start-up, has been quietly gathering momentum over the last two years. Co-founders Charles Sepulveda, Antony Chang, and Sander Chen - all esteemed veterans in the technology sector hailing from leading firms such as Citi, Salesforce, and Rewards Network - have been diligently assembling a technology platform poised for substantial growth.

"Recognizing a disruption in the start-up arena, we chose to divert from the traditional path of seeking investor funding. Instead, we invested in ourselves, strategically established diverse revenue streams, and successfully bootstrapped our venture," says Charles Sepulveda, Co-Founder of Xtraspots.

Xtraspots is harnessing the power of its proprietary technology to simplify parking, facilitate passive income for property owners, and bring electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to congested urban areas. Their app, due to unveil an EV Charger feature in Summer 2023, allows property owners to list their available spaces to drivers seeking parking.

"We're committed to easing the daily parking struggles faced by diverse users; from contractors evading parking tickets to parents juggling doctor's appointments or individuals rushing to a date," says Antony Chang, CEO of Xtraspots. "Our first market focus is New York, but we're gearing up for rapid expansion into neighboring regions and beyond."

Launched in 2021, Xtraspots is fostering a loyal community of drivers and hosts. By increasing the availability of "on-demand" parking spots, the start-up is democratizing urban parking while providing regular citizens with opportunities for passive income.

For more information, please visit www.xtraspots.com or reach out to Antony Chang antony@xtraspots.com.