XtraSpots Wants to Make City Parking Easier

  • Xtraspots is an app-based parking solution startup that aims to simplify parking in cities.
  • The app offers the chance for homeowners to rent out their extra parking spots for passive income while increasing the availability of on-demand parking spots.
  • The company is looking to include EV charging options in its app starting this summer.

In the bustling concrete jungle that is the modern city, finding a parking spot can be a Herculean task. However, one startup is determined to make this struggle a thing of the past. Xtraspots, an innovative parking solution company, has quietly been gaining momentum over the past two years, and they’re about to shake up the urban parking landscape.

A Bootstrapped Startup

Founders Charles Sepulveda, Antony Chang, and Sander Chen, veterans in the technology sector, have pooled their expertise to create a technology platform that is poised for significant growth. What sets Xtraspots apart from traditional startups is their unconventional approach to funding. Rather than relying on external investors, they invested in themselves and established diverse revenue streams, successfully bootstrapping their venture.

Harnessing the power of their proprietary technology, Xtraspots aims to simplify parking, generate passive income for property owners, and revolutionize EV charging in congested urban areas. Their app allows property owners to list their available spaces for drivers seeking parking. The company is set to unveil an EV charger feature this summer.

Revolutionizing EV Parking in Cities

Xtraspots App Screenshot

“We’re committed to easing the daily parking struggles faced by diverse users; from contractors evading parking tickets to parents juggling doctor’s appointments or individuals rushing to a date,” says Antony Chang, CEO of Xtraspots. While their initial market focus is New York, they have ambitious plans for rapid expansion into neighboring regions and beyond.

Since its launch in 2021, Xtraspots has been building a loyal community of drivers and hosts. By increasing the availability of “on-demand” parking spots, this startup wants to democratize urban parking while also providing regular citizens with opportunities for passive income. It could be a win-win situation that is transforming the way we think about parking in cities.

With Xtraspots, you may no longer have to circle the block for hours in search of a parking spot. Whether you’re a stressed-out parent rushing to a school event or an eco-conscious individual in need of an EV charging station, this innovative platform may offer you a parking solution.